more work to be done

Progress in holiness is important in our lives in following Jesus. It’s not that I’m saying one can be obedient up to a point, and that’s it. God calls us to be obedient to him in all things, within his grace in Jesus, and out of his love. And we should work on that. But God in his grace seems to often work with us on one area or issue at a time, though I’m inclined to think he could be doing that in a number of points with us at the same time.

I’ve become aware of growth in grace and in holiness, and that is encouraging. But I soon became aware afterward of what we might call the next step for me to take. This is all about adhering to God’s call to us as his people in Jesus found in scripture and prepared for us in Jesus, yes for this life (as well as for the next).

All of this is encouraging as well as humbling. And the goal is not just personal holiness. But it is the goal of living in the love of God both for God and for others, in and through Jesus. And seeing God’s good will be done on earth in and through his grace and kingdom come in Jesus.

And so there’s more work to be done. Not that I can do that alone. Only through God’s work in me, and in communion, fellowship and participation with God’s people in Jesus will this continue. And we are promised that the one who began his good work in us, will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus, when Jesus returns. All of this so that others might see God’s good work in us through our good works done in love, and glorify our Father in heaven.