not ready

Have you ever faced a new week with the strong sense that you are simply not ready? Perhaps not so much because another weekend has come and gone, though that might figure in, too. But more so, simply because you find what lies ahead overwhelming.

I find myself that way today, and at times. I tend to enter into everything with the sense of being in over my head. That what I’m facing is too much for me. That is good if from it we can learn to depend on God through Jesus by the Spirit, as well as have an interdependence on others in Jesus. We are not sufficient in ourselves, to think that anything comes from ourselves, as Paul says. But our sufficiency is of God. Paul is referring to his ministry of the new covenant, a kingdom ministry. And we want whatever we are doing to be kingdom of God-oriented. The work in itself may not be kingdom-oriented. I once worked at a meat factory, and that work in and of itself was not kingdom-oriented. But the way I do the work as well as the interactions I have with others there, may and should be kingdom-oriented.

Whatever we in Jesus do, should be done in the Lord’s strength, by his grace, so that he can get all the glory. But a prerequisite of that is the sense of our own weakness. It is when we are weak, that we are strong, as Paul says in the same letter with reference to a severe trial he went through. The Lord’s answer to Paul’s plea was, “My grace is sufficient for you. My power is made perfect in your weakness.”

The sense of not being ready means we should look all the more to God and his strength, seeking his face always. The sense of dread we are experiencing is a call to prayer. And sometimes we will have occasion to stop and seek a better way to work through whatever issues we may be facing. Actually this sense of not being ready can end up being a needed catalyst for change.

And so I face another week, another challenge. I trust the Lord will help us, and that in it all he will be glorified by us and in our work. Together in Jesus for the world.