no one is an island

Like it or not all relationships affect us. In large, significant part humankind collectively and individually is what it is through relationships: good, bad, broken, and everything in between.

The first relationship which we are made for is the relationship with God, who himself is in relationship and communion as Father, Son and Spirit. We are made in significant part for this communion, and to live in this love in participation with the Triune God.

And when God created man, he said it is not good for the man to live alone. Then God made a woman, and so we have humankind made in his image to represent and do his will on earth. Of course we know the story: Adam and Eve sinned, their communion with God was broken, and even with each other. Sin entered into the world, a certain kind of innocence was lost. But God did not abandon humankind, he sought out the lost man and woman. God seeks the lost, and through Jesus brings reconciliation between himself and humankind, as well as between humans themselves.

I am impacted by every relationship I’ve ever had. For better or for worse. Not every relationship is necessarily good for us. But every person is redeemable to God in and through Jesus, and therefore every relationship as well. But it may be difficult at best, and take even a long time. And it may perhaps be best to remain more or less separated, even though forgiving and accepting each other. It all depends on a number of factors. Reconciliation should be the norm, or at least what we would hope and pray for.

We don’t do well to limit what God can do by his grace. It is something we need to pray for and work at, but God wants us to get along with others, to live at peace with all as far as that depends on us—out of love, the love God gives to us in and through Jesus by the Spirit.

In the end in the new world which has begun in Jesus, we live in nothing less than the love of God. A love that brings healing and restoration. A love that lives well in God’s good will. We in Jesus are together in this for the world.