being yourself

Like so many other subjects, this subject is subject to abuse and error. We are all sinners, and therefore we are all prone to sin, which is part of “being ourselves” as sinners. This post is not condoning that. It is in God’s grace in Jesus in our brokenness and incompleteness that we need to accept ourselves where we are as we are. In that grace, of course, is God’s work in Christ by the Spirit to make us whole and restored in the image of the Creator, inside and out.

We can only be what we are both in creation, and then in new creation in Jesus. And the new creation work especially is a work in progress. I am not excusing sin, either way. Sin as described in scripture is actually that which deviates from true humanity, humanity as it should be. God sets the definition for that. This is not a suggestion to “pull one’s self up by one’s bootstraps,” and get victory over sin or what is wrong by self-effort. Such reformation or change is not at all the same as the new creation change that only God can bring through Jesus. Not that such change may not have value on some level, say a “natural” level. But it has no value at all with reference to the kingdom of God in Jesus.

I often find that I wish I could do what so-and-so does the way they do it. I wish I could undo some of my past. I wish I was different in this way or that. Some of my desires are good. But much of it is simply amiss. I can learn from others. But even then, what good I may be able to take from their lives and work into mine will come out different. And actually that’s the way it should be.

We are all different personalities with different backgrounds and experiences. We all have our weaknesses and strengths. When all is said and done we each have our niche to fill, humble though it may be. All good on every level is a gift from God, and we do well to simply seek to do well in what we are and in what we are becoming in Jesus.

Of course this means change. This thought is not static, but dynamic through the Spirit in the new creation in Jesus. But it also means acceptance of our place and part. Of who we are and are becoming in Jesus. Necessarily together with others in Jesus for the world.

2 comments on “being yourself

  1. davis says:

    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
    Oscar Wilde

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