the Winter blues

Actually we’ve barely moved into Winter, on the calendar only have begun. Perhaps it’s a combination of cold weather (though it has been unseasonably warm) and the end of Advent which has got me. Although we still do have one last Christmas Sunday coming. But this is the time of the year, I think, when more suicides occur, and more heart attacks as well. Allegedly, more loneliness.

Perhaps that makes it a good time to reflect all the more on what our hope actually is. It is not in the things of this life, nor in any of the entities of this life which people often put so much of their faith in and hope on. Even though these may have their place and indeed be helpful. Whatever good we receive is from the good hand of God, who may use these things.

But most important we need to draw near to God, to seek God, to make every effort to find our rest in him. For me I might recite a psalm I know such as Psalm 23. I do practice reciting repeatedly during a day both the “Jesus Creed” and “the Lord’s/our Father prayer.” I find these helpful in keeping me centered on what’s important in our calling in Jesus. And they can be helpful in seeking to draw near to God.

And we need friends. It is always helpful to find a true, loyal friend, one to whom we can listen, and who will listen to us. Friends who no matter what, like each other, or even during possibly unlikable times remain loyal to each other.

Of course the church is the one entity we can return to again and again, in spite of us, we might say in spite of it, though we must remember for all its weakness and imperfection, it is the body of Christ.  And for those of us who have families such as spouses, we need to keep close and spend quality time which means quantity as well, with each other.

And so we want to shore up during times in which we may be more vulnerable to depression or inward struggle. We need to be present for and committed to each other. In Jesus together for the world.

2 comments on “the Winter blues

  1. nancy says:

    sweet reminders

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