Distractions are a part of life. We have to manage life, and certain things come up which might distract us from the main responsibilities and tasks at hand. It’s important not to get carried away with these matters to the point that they become an obsession and undermine what we need to hold to as first priorities. Yet they have to be dealt with.

I have to think that this is part of a training going on to help us become the rulers in and under Christ, that we are to be.

if we endure,
we will also reign with him.

We are being trained to reign with Christ. This seems related to God’s mandate to humanity to rule over the earth as faithful stewards. God made humankind to take responsibilities, yes, under God, but to actually rule in some sort of way. We do this on a small scale now, managing affairs of life in all kinds of ways.

And so we need to learn how to deal with everything that comes up, actually with all of life, the mundane, ordinary affairs, as well as the unexpected matters.

Training by its very nature isn’t easy. It is hard because of us, because I think it could be much easier than what it is, if we had more faith. I’m only guessing now. But I can’t help think of Jesus’ invitation to come to him to be yoked with him, with his promise of rest in the yoke that is easy and the burden that is light. However, there are aspects of life which by nature are challenging, since indeed our faith does need to grow, as we more and more settle and live in the faithfulness of God in and through Jesus. And we do encounter an enemy, the devil, in league with the world and the flesh.

By the Spirit and the word in fellowship with the church in mission in the world, we learn to reign, a reign which serves others. A reign into which we are being led. And prepared for, in this life.

And so I can learn to look at the unexpected challenges of life in a different light. As well as learn to live in the grace which will enable me to mature through the trials and manage the distractions that inevitably come my way, along with others in Jesus. Learning to reign together in him, for the world.

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