God will do his work

I’ve noticed in my life in Jesus, now spanning four decades, that God is faithfully at work through Jesus around me, and in me, as much as he can do. And that whatever my experience might be, God through Jesus by the Spirit in the fellowship of the church for the world, is working to complete what he has begun.

This is an encouragement to me, because I can think that when certain props, or even good things at least for their time are gone, then God’s work is at least diminished. That that possibility anyhow, exists.

But I have found to the contrary that God’s faithful work goes on, whether or not we stay on for the ride. And that God faithfully remains at work concerning us in Jesus, even when we have rather lost our way and got off track. Or no matter what we are going through. That God through Jesus is present with us, to the end.

One of my concerns is the fear that God can’t use me in all my brokenness, and lostness. I want to hold on to certain what I have counted as nonnegotiables for me, but at least one has slipped away, probably forever lost. Could that be a part of God’s faithful work concerning me? I think so.

Have you found this to be the case in your own life?


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