the sorrow of this world

I am rereading Karen Spears Zacharias’ gripping memoir, A Silence of Mockingbirds: The Memoir of a Murder, recounting the tragedy of the brutal torture, yes over time, and murder of a precious little girl. I will soon be offering a review of it on this blog.

This goes to show the depths of the tragedy of this world, the tragedies that are ongoing. Karen’s telling of this true story focuses on one important aspect which we need to be aware of, and on which society needs to get its bearings.

Some are more inclined to enter into such emotionally. I think Jeremiah was that way. We see this time and time again in the psalms, in fact lament is found in many places in scripture. It is good to be willing to pay attention and then go in depth so as to understand and empathize with the pain and hurt of this world. Besides bringing our own pain to God as well.

This is paramount in what Jesus did. Jesus entered into the pain of this world through his incarnation, life, ministry, and above all, death. In his death something of all the pain of the world due to sin as well as the pain experienced in this sphere, Jesus absorbed in himself. The final answer to this world’s woes, to all the suffering and tragedy in it is in a cross, that is in Jesus’ death. God’s amen to that ringing to this day in Jesus’ resurrection. His ascension, the pouring out of the Spirit, enabling an ongoing witness of this, as we in Jesus await his return, when the results at long last will be realized completely.

I have to look to the cross, at what Jesus did so as not to be completely swallowed up by sorrow. I know that all the evil of this world and its effects are swallowed up in his death. I look forward to the day when I will meet that sweet, wonderful, beautiful little girl, however she is to be in the resurrection. And what is past will be past and completely forgotten in that new world to come. We in Jesus look forward to that, and proclaim that to the world.

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