chanting the psalms

I like the possibility of chanting the psalms, which I believe provide for us a spirituality which helps us through the rugged terrain of life. This is done in monasteries, and I think we would do well to do the same, as well as chanting other scripture. Chanting as in singing in a simple way. Though left to myself, simply reading them in a prayerful way will have to suffice.

In the psalms in my view, not everything the psalmists say is sanctified. But what is sanctified or holy is the point that the psalmist does bare soul and all to God, does not hold back, but lets loose the tirade. And laments. Yes, even complains. At the same time doing so as one committed to God. Of course along with that is praise to God because of his goodness and blessings to us.

I think simply being in scripture, and saying the words out loud is potentially powerful. Of course we need to see all of this as done before God, in his presence, seeking to draw near to God in and through Christ. As well as doing something of the sort by one’s self, it is good to do it with others. The fellowship we are caught up into with God includes others in that same fellowship.

Have you done this? Is it an ongoing practice with you? Should it be? Does it help us to see something of why the psalms were given to us in the first place?

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