broken, yet beautiful

Oftentimes there is so much in our lives and works which is broken. I’m not excusing shoddy work, or careless living. I’m referring to our best efforts.

But we do sin. Even if it’s only in a judgmental attitude or thought toward another, which oftentimes if we knew the truth, would prove false. And even if true, as scripture tells us, we will do well to look in the mirror of the word at our own lives, and ask God to search our hearts and lives.

Broken, yet beautiful. How? Through Jesus, if we attempt to do all we do in love. Love for God with all our being and doing, and love for our neighbor as ourselves, which in Jesus’ teaching includes both an active and passive love even to our enemies.

God is love. All who live in love live in God, and God in them, according to the Apostle John. And so what we do, and how we do it may be with much stumbling, sometimes even sin. But if we yield to God along the way, God’s love in Jesus, and we proceed accordingly, in deference/obedience to his commands, endeavoring to walk in his light, our lives can be the witness they are meant to be. Together in Jesus for the world.