getting used to a new way

They say that we humans are creatures of habit. Our brains adapt and become set, even conform and grow in ways in which we live and work, for good or ill. To change in a whole life kind of way can be a challenge for anyone, particularly when one is getting along in years, or simply has been at the same thing, or way of life, year after year.

For me, anxiety has been one major culprit, although it has not stopped me from doing what I needed to do, what was in front of me. However I’m sure it has kept me from taking in and being all that God would have me be and do in Christ. It is not about us, of course. All is a gift from God. But we can fail to receive or fully take hold of that gift, and therefore suffer the consequences of that, not being the blessing in and through Christ, which God would have us be, simply through our relationship in love in him.

When I see that the new life in Jesus is before me, with others in him, I should not live in a way which either compromises that, or even denies it. When we inevitably do we confess that as sin to God. I fear we have fell prey to the idea that God’s grace is not sufficient to help us in all our weakness. There is the theology based on a mistaken (I take it) reading of Romans 7 that we must sin in thought, word and deed daily, even hourly- yes, all the time, that sin is virtually inevitable in all we do. Perhaps the norm is that we need to go through something of the Romans 7 experience* to live in the fullness of life set in Romans 8 through/by means of Romans 6. And to realize that apart from God’s grace and the Spirit in Christ we will lapse again into something of that Romans 7 living death.

Of course we can’t see beyond the moment in which we live. We go on by faith. In a new life, or change, it is all a gift from God, something we can’t manage or control ourselves, but something we receive and endeavor to walk in. One step at a time. Together in Jesus for the world.

*I am inclined toward a different interpretation of Romans 7, however I don’t think that is necessarily incompatible with the point made here, certainly true to scripture in other places, and to life itself.