keeping the peace

There is much controversy today within Christian circles, I’m thinking of evangelical Christian circles. I’m sure the same is true in other Christian places, but it seems more apparent and pronounced in evangelical places, maybe so for me, since that is where I live.

In the midst of all of this, how do we keep the peace? And what kind of peace is it that we’re trying to keep? Do we let everyone go their separate ways due to irreconcilable differences which seem to strike at the heart of our unity in Christ? Or do we try to mediate, and find common ground? Is there a time to simply agree to disagree and go on?

There are first principles (one might say) in the story* which are essential to the faith. That Jesus is the God-Human who in becoming flesh/human fulfilled God’s calling to Israel for the world in his life, mission, death and resurrection; that this fulfillment in its result continues through his ascension, and the pouring out of the Spirit on the church in mission to the world, all of this is at the heart of the gospel, the good news of King Jesus, which is the heart of Christianity. Of course we need to mention the first and greatest commandment, along with the second like it: to love God with all our being and doing, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. That is the peace in which we must live.

Naturally there will be concerns that that peace is being undermined, if not immediately lost in Christians taking different views, for example in regard to origins with reference to the Genesis account in scripture. Or with regard to same sex relations. These are two issues especially hot right now, but when they cool down, there will be others to take their place.

It is my contention that Christians need to have the freedom in love to debate these issues among themselves, even vigorously, but when all is said and done, to continue to love one another. Hopefully there is an openness on all sides to learn from each other, without compromising what is essential to the faith. Not easy, and not something we will be able to do on our own. We need God’s help to do this. As we search the scriptures and pray. All of us in Jesus together in this for the world.

*Story meaning the telling or account of something that is true.

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