peace, be still

There is the scene in the gospels when Jesus is asleep in the boat and a serious storm hits the waters, the boat in danger of sinking. The disciples awaken Jesus, asking him if he cares about their danger. Jesus speaks to the storm, “Peace. Be still.” And immediately all is calm.

I wonder about that in my life, in the storms of life, sometimes in the storm that is life, not that everything in life is part of that, but when it seems one is living in a storm. Do we hand over everything to God, I mean everything?

On the cross at the end when all was said and done, all the significant words recorded in the gospels which our Lord said as he hung there, he said in the words of the psalmist: “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” And he breathed his last.

That is the kind of trust we need to have before God. That we would commit our concerns, ourselves, our lives to God. That no matter what, he will see us through. We need to live and die with that trust, with that faith. Together in Jesus for the world.