charity in all things

Once one of my gracious sisters said something like, “Give yourself a break. You’re too hard on yourself.” I agree with her in some ways, surely completely in the way she meant. Of course we’re not to excuse sin in our lives, but to bring it to God in confession and repentance.

We live in a world that seems bent on bringing others down, or pushing others out. God’s love in Jesus is inclusive in nature. God has reconciled the world to himself in and through Christ, not counting people’s sins against him, with the call that they should therefore be reconciled to him.

But the world is broken. There are so many ways in which we’re divided, and this division happens even in Christendom. Sometimes it seems, especially in Christendom, which is a shame, because our unity is in Christ, which supersedes and breaks down all that divides us.

In necessary things unity; in uncertain things freedom; in everything compassion.” Sometimes there is no answer. There should be unity, but there is not. In those cases there is not necessarily any hostility. Just a parting of the ways on what is considered essential. During those times we need to maintain love, if the above quote is true. And from scripture, from Jesus and the rest of the New Testament witness, we can see that that is indeed true.

Love, no matter what. To the very end. Even as our Lord did on that cross. Knowing resurrection in Jesus awaits when the love of God in Jesus will mark and change all things. And heaven and earth will be made one in Jesus. Until then we in Jesus seek to live that out as much as possible, together in him for the world.