the ebb and flow of life

It is interesting how life itself is influential in our lives. Frederick Buechner wrote that we are to listen to our lives. From the truth that God is at work in them in everything, of course for good in and through Jesus.

Life often seems out of control, at least in distress. Not good, really at all. And yet that is only part of the story, remembering too that we’re referring to our experience and take of that experience. When we can step back and see the larger picture, and in the end see it as part of the story, we will inevitably have a different perspective. The kind of understanding from Buechner’s quote, actually from the teaching of scripture (two examples: Romans 8:28; Ephesians 1:11), can help us through the inevitable trials of life. Of course a larger hand is on this story, and so good can come out of it, as we trust the hand that is writing out our lives to be seen as a witness of Christ, indeed Christ’s own letter to the world.

And so we need to relax more. Certainly more often physically, but I’m thinking metaphorically here concerning all of life. Yes, it isn’t all easy, and sometimes downright difficult. But God in Jesus is with us. Even through the darkest places (or, the valley of the shadow of death), we need not fear any evil, knowing the Lord is with us.

And so we go on. Looking to Jesus in faith, as God makes our lives fit well into his story, together in Jesus for the world.