attitude check

We say so and so has an attitude. That can mean all sorts of things, but it’s often like the elephant in the room which everyone ignores and pretends doesn’t exist. But all too often we can be drawn in and end up having an attitude ourselves. Jesus warned against the attitude of rolling one’s eyes, speaking lightly of another or in the grip of anger cursing someone in one of the worst possible ways of one’s culture, or maybe even in a “Christian” manner, cutting them down.

There are times when I need an attitude check. I may well be right in the limited way we humans can be, but all too often I am not entirely right myself in reaction to the person or issue that seems off. It is hard to know when to speak up and hopefully gently challenge something or someone, and when to be silent. Most of the time I think we do well to err on the side of silence and grace, resorting to prayer. And most of all, we do well to avoid an attitude in which we often descend to the same level of that which we are reacting to.

I may need a time apart, even if brief (if possible) and certainly prayer lifted up to God to confess my sin, what is wrong in my attitude, and maybe even to the person, if need be. Perhaps at least taking something back, or moderating what I said earlier.

Interestingly when this is done, we then see much more clearly. All too often a judgmental attitude colors what we see, so that we don’t see clearly enough. We need to judge ourselves first before we can see well enough to possibly help another with their problem. Always in much grace and love, along with the wisdom we need in this from God.

And so we need the Lord’s help, his light on ourselves as together in Jesus we seek to live out his love and truth with each other and for the world.

6 comments on “attitude check

  1. nancy says:

    It’s so easy to go with emotional and habitual ways of thinking that we have carried with us like a wagon wheels in a rut. I think you are right about the practice of taking moments of silence and grace.

    • So true, Nancy. I do think we often (I know I have) underestimate the power from God in Christ by the Spirit we have to change and start new habits, a new way in response to grace. 2 Peter 1 comes to mind. And God will show us our weakness and our complete dependence on him.

      • nancy says:

        There is such a fine line between wanting to change ourself and wanting God to change our heart.

      • I think we want change in the right way according to God’s will, only because of God’s grace. So that is a sign that God is at work to change us. But in that change we are active. I want to say we have to change, and we do it, but we do so only because God is changing us in his grace in Jesus.

  2. God is changing my heart, and i try to pay attention. But, it’s probably much more of like taking a cat for a walk.

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