attention on Christ

We who follow Jesus can get quite caught up in godly and gifted persons in the church. We can even get caught up at times in God’s work in our own lives in such a way that we may think ourselves as special in a way that we’re not. There is always such a tension here, because in a sense we in Jesus are all gifts from God through Jesus by the Spirit, and we can and do take delight in God’s people. But we also know that all is a gift from God, that everything is of grace in and through Christ, that all the glory (and here, etc.) certainly goes to him. That strictly speaking, in and of ourselves we are always beggars, always in need of Christ. At the same time, being clothed with Christ in baptism, we are one with him, and becoming more and more like him, as well as gifted by the Spirit for good works for Christ’s body- the church and for the world.

The older I get the more I know that it is not about me, or because of me. It is about Christ; he is the theme: the way and the truth and the life. By faith we are taken up into him, and we enjoy that. But we’re like little children finding our way in all the Father’s gifts and gifting. It is a God-breathed existence, full of God’s love.

And so if our attention is ever turned in on ourselves as if we are the source of anything, then we’re off track, and we will (hopefully) figure that out soon enough. We do live in God’s love, a love from which we both love God and others in and through Christ.

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