living in the now

All too often I get caught up either in the past or the future. What is past is past. We can learn from it, and surely must, and hopefully we have repented of many things. And the future is beyond us. While there is nothing wrong with planning, in fact we want to invest well, especially in that which is spiritual, we don’t know what a day may bring. We don’t know the future. What God calls us to and Jesus taught us is to learn to live in the now.

Of course we do so with thanksgiving for the past and future salvation that is ours in Jesus. But we do so as those who live in the present, even the present salvation we are receiving in and through Jesus. With all of our weakness and sins we must confess. And yet we go on, finding God’s forgiveness and new life in Christ.

We share this ongoing life with others in Jesus. It is a life of developing and maturing together into the image of the one we follow. We grow up together in and through Jesus. That is not done well by ourselves. We need each other in this shared life. Even to work through our differences and the bumps and metaphorical bruises that come in any relationship. To love and listen and pray for each other. To offer words of encouragement as well as heartfelt counsel, when need be.

There is plenty to batter one’s self about when considering the past. And there is plenty to keep us awake at night when considering the future. But none of that will help us one iota. Instead we need to learn to live well in the present. Learning to keep our eyes on Jesus as we live together in him as a witness of God’s love for the world.