false accusations

There is plenty to indict us as guilty sinners, no shortage on that. We’ve been caught red handed and we have our secret sins which need confessed so as to be brought out in the open for God’s forgiveness and cleansing in and through Jesus. And we need to be open to the searching God and ready to fall on our faces before him and his searching and ultimately healing light.

False accusations are another story. These are the overly general fuzzies that come our way and level us with condemnation. One thought that often accompanies such is: “I’m no good.” There is often a grain of truth in them, if one can see anything of truth at all. Ordinarily they are distortions which deserve nothing more than to turn away from them and look to the one in whose light is no darkness.

There is no question that we have to come again and again to the cross, to Jesus, who is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. We don’t do well to downplay the sin that is in our lives. We have to keep coming back to Jesus in confession as well as endeavor to walk in the light as he is in the light.

What we can’t accept are the charges leveled against us which have the marks of darkness and condemnation. We in and through Jesus are to receive only God’s light. That light shines in our darkness, but in a way that brings healing love. The other, regardless of its source is to be rejected or ignored. Remember, the devil can quote God’s word, and is willing to speak even through another brother or sister in Jesus, sadly. We have to guard ourselves so that we aren’t the devil’s mouthpiece. And we need discernment to recognize that voice when it speaks, so we can reject it.

Instead we turn to God in and through Jesus to receive his word of love, including a needed revelation of  sin in our lives, to receive God’s forgiveness and cleansing in and through Jesus. Together in Jesus in this for the world.