in prayer

If there’s one way I want to end my life well, it would be to become a person of prayer. I want to be in prayer day and night. In my heart and with words. And I want to be in prayer with others in the community in Jesus.

It is good to break away, perhaps to take a walk or go to a certain spot to pray. The wonderful thing about the prayer life though, is that this can take place anywhere, practically any time. Right in the midst of the business of a busy day I can be in prayer, praying for the people involved, for the work being done, praying for myself. And of course we want to be in prayer regularly for our loved ones and friends, for our church and the church in the world, for our pastors.

There was so much I wanted to do in fulfilling the calling I thought God gave me. I see myself as largely a failure, because things didn’t seem to work out well. That is a long and boring story in itself. But if we want our lives to be touched by God, to be a “God-thing” if we can reverently say that, then we need to be people of his Presence in and through Jesus. We need to start plodding along in prayers. All kinds of prayers, by the way. Some in which the Spirit will seem to lift us up, or even give us words to pray. But oftentimes simply lifting our hearts to God, our eyes to the hills/mountains, to where our help comes from.

And of course our prayers are not just for ourselves or our own world, important as that is. But for the entire world, yes, for God’s will to be done on earth, as in heaven. As big as all of life, and through God becoming bigger than life. By the way, paradoxically the prayer life we might seek might be helped by us being silent. Simply saying nothing, but waiting on God. Not necessarily long silences, ordinarily not long at all, but silence itself becoming a practice of our lives.

Yes, even when all hell seems arrayed against us, or we seem completely at a loss, especially during such times we need to pray, as stammering as our lips and cumbersome as our hearts may be. And we need to carry on in prayers with others in Jesus. Together in Jesus in this for the world.