when it doesn’t seem to matter

There are things which we may seem called to do which don’t seem to matter much at all anymore, at least not like they seemed to at one time. Blogging is one of them for me. I used to be in a fellowship of bloggers, was linked on a highly prominent blog and sometimes cited on it, having found out to my surprise, in the first place, that I could write a blog post at all. Of course anything good is a gift from God.

I am at a spot where my blogging doesn’t seem to matter anymore. I also don’t seem to be needed anywhere except at home and at the nursing home where I do a church kind of service many Sundays. At work I know I can be replaced, but I am appreciated because of my work ethic (I imbibed from my parents), ability (again, from God) and experience. And I appreciate the work as well, working for a good Christian ministry, even if it’s on the factory end of it. I am certainly used to factory work by now.

Of course the things which seem to matter to us may not matter much at all to God. God sees the heart, and he wants us to learn to walk in love in and through Jesus. To be a true follower of Jesus.

When it doesn’t seem to matter is likely especially a good time to draw near to God, to seek to listen and hear his voice. And to major on what is important to God: loving God and our neighbor, serving others humbly in love, continuing to grow in Jesus. Together with others in Jesus for the world.

2 comments on “when it doesn’t seem to matter

  1. nancy says:

    It’s true. It is really hard for me to comprehend what matters, to who it matters, and how it matters. But, i think that God has a handle on it, even though i don’t. Things continue to change as we draw closer to the next life, sooner or later we must give-up all the stuff that we hold onto, and we are left with what matters the most.

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