let it come

Then the Lord said to [Moses], “What is that in your hand?”

There are special things for us to do, something good to accomplish, if we only have our eyes open, the eyes of our heart.

Of course this presupposes a call from God, which we all have in Christ. In the case of Moses it was a call which was ultimately missional, as well as communal.  Today it is in terms of the church and the church’s mission from God to live out, witness to, and proclaim the gospel of King Jesus.

We each have our special part to do to contribute to the whole of this. We need to let it come in the sense of not pressing the matter, and yet being ready to be obedient in faith to the calling, often given to us as an urging of something we actually want to do. Mixed with that is the realization that in and of ourselves, we can’t do it. That can make us reticent to do it. Case in point: Moses (click link above to see the passage).

Our part is to humbly move in faith. God will lead and help us. As we find our place and part together with others in Jesus for the world.

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