needing rest

Lately I have felt quite tired physically. And rather down. Though I’m blessed to work for and with a Christian ministry, and have a good job, the factory work takes its toll. We have our daughter and granddaughter with us now. And I am kind of having my last mid-life crisis at an older age for sure. Ha.

I have kept the blog going day after day, and actually much enjoy trying to write out of the goal of sharing my heart and mind with reference to the faith. So actually I hope to keep this up, the Lord willing.

At the same time I know that I don’t have any special expertise nor degree other than the Master of Divinity I have from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Theology from Prairie Bible Institute. I wanted to be a pastor at one time, still like to do pastoral things, I do a meeting most every week at an area nursing home. I like to teach. And love to read, especially to dwell on scripture itself.

There is quite the theological swirl going on nowadays to the point that it is hard to keep up, in fact I don’t even try anymore. I have my niche hopefully, small as it is, but we each have our work to do.

I would like to find my place into some work and ministry in which I could have a regular part. I have teaching in me, and it must come out. So I’d appreciate any prayers.

And we all need to pray and wait on God, seeking to live and move by his leading in and through Jesus by the power of the Spirit, together for the world.

8 comments on “needing rest

  1. kim says:

    Yes, we enter different stages of our lives; in each stage we need to seek God’s direction for how he wants to use this stage and our gifts.

    I also went through a mid life late type of thing when I retired from work and we downsized. A book that is beautifully written that both my hubby (who has not yet retired) and I have really enjoyed is this one by Sue Monk Kidd, called “When the Heart Waits”

  2. This isn’t really about rest, but about not even trying any more.

    As you know I am a Catholic and today is one of the rare Holy Days of Obligation when we are meant to go to Mass. Today was the Assumption of the Virgin. I went along and one of the Bible readings was from Revelation. The bit about the woman giving birth and the red dragon coming and swiping away the stars and wanting to kill the baby.

    Afterward (a very clever) woman was talking to me, saying she doesn’t like that reading. I know she was intellectualizing it. I replied that I didn’t understand it, but I felt it didn’t matter not to understand it. Like you Ted, I have given up trying any more! I know you didn’t quite mean this, but it was what came to mind when I read your piece just now.

    • Jill, Thanks so much. I think there is wisdom in what you are saying. On the Revelation passage, just like in any literature or book, one has to read it in context. It is still a difficult passage to interpret, for sure, though on a basic level there are some solid conclusions we can come to. At the same time we still do well to keep pondering everything, just like Mary, Jesus’ mother did. Sometimes I think scripture is meant to stretch us, to help us see that we can’t understand or do God’s will on our own.

      Yes, your point is well taken because we really are dependent on God in the community of the church by the Spirit through the word, scripture, to guide us together and as individuals. Not trying anymore in a certain sense is surely a good word. Though we must continue to seek to follow. Thanks again.

      • There are many times Ted that I just don’t understand, but then faith is not about understanding, is it? I just feel that I don’t HAVE to strive anymore. It’s enough just to ‘be’!

      • I like your point, Jill, about not striving. Reminds me of the verse from psalms: “Cease striving (or, Be still) and know that I am God.” Of course Yahweh saying that. As to faith and understanding, faith is based on an understanding of God’s faithfulness to us in Christ, but it often pushes us beyond our own understanding so that we are cast on God, our faith not being in ourselves, but in God.

  3. nmpreach says:

    I’m praying for God’s direction and timing for you brother….never early, never late.

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