miracles (are they for today?)

I am one of those people who often will go in to “where angels fear to tread,” largely in ignorance. I say that only because on any subject one thinks on, there is usually so much reading that needs to be done. And at best I read only a few, or maybe even one or two good books on a subject, usually ones steeped in exegesis of scripture, my preference. And I’ve been in the word for years and years now, not as good as I should have been, but at least in it as a rule day in and day out. We were members of a Vineyard church at one time.

I have a friend who has testified and have read of others who have testified to amazing healings. I mean life saving ones, true in my friend’s case; he was near death’s door over a deteriorating chronic condition. But God healed him in sync with a prophecy that had been spoken over him I think years earlier. An amazing story, but not at all unique. Here is my friend, Mike’s words:

After dealing with illness for fifteen years that left me in a wheelchair, God has healed me.  I’m running, jumping, dancing. working out. . . My hope was not my shame – he has turned sorrow and depression into joy.  My God heals!  I praise God for what he has done and I am thankful to all who faithfully prayed for restoration.  Quote my doctor: “I’m glad He healed you ’cause I certainly wasn’t going to.”

I wish I could share Mike’s sermon he gave at Southside Vineyard. One of the most powerful messages I’ve heard, probably the most powerful on this subject. His body had been shutting down, but in answer to prayers the Lord raised him up.

The Lord wants to do so much more in this way, I’m convinced. What spurred  and rekindled me on this subject is this post Scot McKnight shared yesterday, and this video. And “leafing through” at least most of the pages of this book (published by Intervarsity Press) Amazon shared. On top of that someone who I respect much (he’s an Anglican, professor and scholar) lent me a couple of books recently right along this line. And I see devastation around me, chains which need to be broken, people which need to be set free (if they are willing). And this includes the demonic as well. Yes, the powers cited in scripture are not human or even simply world systems, but beings behind that, even if they have lost much of their personhood.

In my culture and orientation do I like this? Does this make me feel comfortable? Would I choose to go this way? No. Because of the weird and sad stuff which sometimes masquerades in its name. But like Jordan Seng, the author of the book says, God’s works are often messy in that the divine is colliding and disrupting the human, even as we see in the gospels. This work by the way is meant for all who are followers of Jesus, not to simply this or that “healer.”

I would challenge any reader to read through the pages of the book cited which Amazon shares, and listen to the short video. In the meantime, I will stay in the word and prayer, hopefully, trusting that the Lord will lead us his people so that we can carry on his ministry and work together in this world, to heal the sick and set the captives free in and through Jesus.

5 comments on “miracles (are they for today?)

  1. don sands says:

    Miracles need to be like the ones in the Word of God, if they are miracles. Peter’s shadow healed sick and dying people. Is this happening today? Peter told a married couple that they were liars, and they dropped dead. Are these miracles happening today? God is God, He is sovereign over every sparrow who drops to the earth, and he is wonderful, and He spares many from harm. And he also calls many to suffer incredibly harsh and painful suffering. This is God’s truth. The truth is good, and it sets us free.

  2. kimwdavies says:

    First of all I personally have seen miracles happen by laying on of hands.Secondly, I have talked to a friend who was healed as a kid –he had been born blind and went to a place where many go on pilgrimage and he was instantly healed (no one laying hands on him). Thirdly, I have heard about people performing or participating in a miracle and they didn’t even know they were doing it—this priest (who my son knows) was talking in different languages to people confessing their sins–he spoke in their languages when he didn’t know these languages and he thought he was speaking English (this was at a World Youth Day) Fourth, I know , again personally, a woman who had cancer throughout her body and the doctors had given up hope. She went on a retreat—experienced healing, and has continued to be healed–she has been cancer free the last 40 years! Then of course I have read about various miracles of healing attested by various people.

    So I know they are occurring. I see that they occur in different ways. I see them occur in many different faith groups. I recently read The Grace Outpouring: Blessing others through Prayer which was an amazing story taking place now in Wales–lots of healing.

    On the other hand, I have seen people convinced that God was going to heal them of something and they died or lost a kid, etc. As Don says, God is sovereign. Even Paul was not healed of whatever he had. Jesus didn’t heal everyone at the pool of Bethesda. So I am not sure how all of this works!? except that God chooses to do miracles and we are told to ask him for gifts.One of this gifts appears to be healing.

    • kimwdavies says:

      PS. I think the greatest gift is love. I think there is a place for suffering . I am afraid to ask for gifts (which is crazy–crazy that I have the fear—I feel like the guy who was given one talent and buried it—how wrong! So I seek to use what I have but am fearful to ask for more—wrong wrong wrong. Just being honest.

      • Yes, I agree. I think God is so much bigger in heart and manifestation in and through Christ than we imagine. We must be careful not to put limits on God and his will and work, in accord with scripture. Of course it is obvious God doesn’t always heal, and the final healing will be in the resurrection at the completion of the new creation in Jesus. Of course without love all the mighty works in the world mean nothing.

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