judging from within- in the church

The church of God in Jesus is a body which hasn’t arrived, and yet has authority from God and is called the pillar and foundation of the truth. None of us have it altogether. There are times when people, especially leaders need to be called to account. With reference both to life and doctrine. When any leader gets off track on either, they need to be called to account. It should be an in-house matter, hopefully within the local church itself. If a church is part of a denomination or fellowship, than that denomination or fellowship has responsibility to step in and help the leader as well as the church involved. And yet in a sense we in Jesus are all one body on the earth. Therefore we may have to speak up concerning a teaching, even if we don’t call out the teacher by name ourselves.

None of this is anything I really like to be part of. I know Christians have significant differences. With many of them I don’t care much, but there are some I care about a lot. I’m not referring to issues like that. What I’m referring to are matters in which all Christians ought to agree. That in some way God’s word and the gospel is being misrepresented. And it is not so much whether I as an individual see something as a problem; other believers need to see it as a problem as well from the discernment the Spirit gives. In a best case scenario, a church should try to help the leader who is struggling. Perhaps their teaching is not in accord with sound doctrine, or they have failed in their lives somehow, as in a moral failure, or perhaps are struggling over a sin and not doing well. The goal should be to restore them. Perhaps to the same position as before, and fully as a brother or sister in the Lord.

When the church fails to do this, the leader or member simply goes on, maybe emboldened in their own way. No, the church needs to take care of a matter so that it can have a good testimony to the world. Sadly the church has failed again and again in this area, and many have been hurt as a result, as well as the testimony of the church impacted for ill.

The church stands as a high and holy body before the world, Christ’s own body no less. Which is why the highest standards needs to be exacted on it from within. All in the grace, mercy, love and truth of God in and through Jesus. Together in this in Jesus for the world.