missing the forest for the trees

It is quite easy to miss the woods due to being fixated on one tree. In my case a tree that is in trouble perhaps, so that looking at such may be a good, God-led thing. But also in my case, the tree may not be in mortal danger and I can end up “missing the forest for the trees.” In other words I can easily lose out and fail to see the big picture.

We are helped immensely when we consider the big picture as given to us in scripture in the story of God, from Genesis through Revelation. In scripture, just as in life, we can get so caught up over and lost in certain details. We may end up missing the main point, and therefore fail to see the particular detail we are concerned about in the way we need to.

The answer to this is not in ourselves, realizing our error and something of the truth, and then proceeding accordingly. That normally ends up being what happens, but how it happens is from and through God in Jesus by the Spirit. God’s revelation to to us, and then empowering of us to move on, and get beyond what may well have become an impasse for us.

We may end up going in a completely opposite direction from what we otherwise would have thought or done concerning the detail we were lost in. Or we may simply defer that to God in faith, trusting that he will take care of it in his own good time, that we will have light to see and the strength to do what need be when the time comes.

We in Jesus are supposed to be together in this, encouraging and praying for each other, as we go on together in Jesus for the world.