more than enough

In the kingdom of God in Jesus there is always more than enough. That more than enough is with reference to God’s will in Jesus, to the good works God has prepared in advance, that we in Jesus should do them.

Too often we’ve operated on some sort of worldly system which depends on ourselves, or the world’s system. Too often we don’t really depend on God in terms of God’s will and calling along with the gifting that comes from that. Or maybe we do just in spots, here or there, and not in life as a whole.

The “more than enough” God provides is never with reference to some kind of worldly goal we have in terms of something like “the American dream.” Rather, it is always in terms of God’s good will in Jesus, not just for us, but through us to the world.

Yes, God does this in community, but also in us individually. God gives each of us what we need to make our unique, God-given contribution to the whole. Often we ourselves will be weak, bereft of resources in and of ourselves. Of course we are nothing on our own apart from God, apart from Jesus. Such times of felt and actual weakness and need seem especially to be the times when God wants to move the most.

We need to have faith as a mustard seed, and we need to follow through in that faith. And if need be, stand alone. We are in this faith together for the world, but there may be times when for whatever reason, we basically seem to be left to ourselves, perhaps a one person band. God will stand with us in order that his calling to us can be fulfilled. With the more than abundant, overflowing life and power of the Spirit. Out of which we live and help others into this new life in Jesus. Together with others in Jesus in this for the world.