true north

Oftentimes I can get offtrack probably in ways I don’t recognize as well as in ways I do. I laugh to myself if someone asks me how I am with the actual intention of finding out, unless I really am wanting to share something with them good or bad. Because really only God knows. And in a true sense how I am doesn’t depend on me at all.

True north for me is always Jesus. Of course in Jesus we have the revelation of God, of God’s will, of God’s love, of the true meaning to life. And Jesus is so much more than what people make of him, not that any of us can understand that all that well. We learn this in God’s written word, particularly in the New Testament, especially in the gospels with Acts and the letters (like Romans, etc.) helping us see how this is lived out here and now.

As I get older, I more and more realize that true spirituality does not depend on me, not even very much if at all in what I do, not that what I do or don’t do is unimportant. As to its source, true spirituality really depends entirely on Jesus. And our part is simply to come to recognize, acknowledge and come to live in sync with that through the Spirit.

Jesus is the true north which gives direction and the true meaning to everything. Our lives depend on that; really, the world depends on it.

And so we go on together in Jesus, the true north for us and for the world.