where is your heart?

A good question for us to ask ourselves, and to ask God about ourselves is simply: Where is my heart? For God and really for us this is a fundamental matter, which impacts all of life. This of course is where life is lived, from the heart. By the heart I mean our inclinations, desires, attitudes, thinking, will and all that is related. What makes us tick, so to speak.

This opens up a whole host of questions about life and what we should do. Should we simply follow our heart? Scripture says a plain, adamant, “No,” to that question. Though scripture also indicates that God wants to incline our hearts toward him, indeed to change our hearts. Even though it is God alone who will change us, we indeed are an agent in bringing about that change. And so it would appear that we need to deny ourselves in going against the inclinations of our heart at times, maybe time and time again.

Scripture tells us that a broken and contrite heart God does not despise. In fact that God actually dwells with the lowly and contrite of spirit, to revive their hearts. We need to come to God as we are, and keep coming to him that way. We can’t change ourselves, but he can and will change us, if only we give our hearts, so to speak, to him. We do that by prayer, even if prayer may seem to be a struggle with not much heart in it, God sees our sincerity, or desire to come to him, weak though it may be. And we seek to follow God’s directives.

Our hearts can be led off in so many different directions. We can have a divided heart. But God wants all of our heart. Weak though that offering may be, maybe that’s the best we can do: Simply offer our hearts to him.

The danger in all of this is to become focused in on ourselves when our focus needs to be on God through looking to Jesus, being in prayer and in the word. If we keep looking to God through Jesus, the change to come is inevitable. But it is the kind of change which is ongoing and incremental. Nothing less than a heart and life change. Together with others in Jesus in this for the world.