doubts about blogging

I think, unless it’s a high profile ministry or one is a well known author, blogging is limited in its effect anymore. And I’m not sure I’m that good of a blogger. I like to try to write well in the way I do, but I don’t think I have the time to do as well in it as I would like, nor am I convinced that for someone, the likes of me to do well in blogging matters that much. And I want to be open to the wisdom or direction the Lord wants to give me in this.

I have been of the mentality that if I am ministering to anyone at all, then I need to continue on. And actually the way I’ve been blogging in recent days, doesn’t take much on my part. Therefore I will continue to blog for now. After doing this and not missing a day over a number of years (technically I recall missing one day I made up sometime after midnight), I will have to have good reason to discontinue or change my practice in blogging, though that day may come.

On my old blog at blogspot, which I discontinued only because it was suddenly lost somewhere, only to reappear around a year and a half later, I did not know how many hits I got, and didn’t want to know. I had the mindset, and I still rather do, that if I can have a ministry to anyone at all, or to a small handful, that is enough. WordPress, which I switched to provides “site stats,” how many hits I get with some details (which do not specify the exact person or location, except for country), and I can see that my blog is a humble one indeed. RBC Ministries where I work has blogs which probably get in well less than a minute more hits than I get in a day. But that’s okay. It is a fine, Christ-honoring ministry which probably does well to blog.

I don’t want to lose the heart to minister to a very few. In fact that seems to be at the heart of a Jesus kind of ministry. The kingdom of God begins, as Jesus said, like a mustard seed, the smallest on earth, and then grows into a large plant, ultimately filling the earth. And so with that in mind, I likely will continue on with what has become the countless number of bloggers who share their faith in Jesus.