surviving ourselves

We can be our own worst enemy. In a good number of ways. For me it can be in how I react to things. Sometimes things which seem unbelievably bad and a twist of irony in the wrong direction. Perhaps, even, with the threat of death. And yet in the aftermath one can see that the real destructive force was more or less themselves.

We need to recognize and acknowledge our sin and confess it to God. Yes, and we need to be broken over it, not just because of the consequence, but because it is an affront to God. At the same time, we need to know that God is merciful in and through Jesus. He forgives us our sin, and we need to accept that and go on.

But we also need to learn from our sin. We learn compassion for others and the struggles and failures they have. So that we can pray for them, and if opportunity comes, share a word that can help them. For me it’s an opportunity to work through the issue before God. Perhaps make it known to the people involved, or not. And if I do, not make a federal case out of it, as if this was a trial and I’m the prosecutor. Instead we need to quickly forgive whatever offense may have occurred, and we need to consider the underlying motive. It may well indeed have been love, even if the judgment wasn’t the best.

Yes, we live in an existence of the unholy alliance between the world, the flesh and the devil. There is plenty there to bring us down. The main tactic in that is to somehow get to us. It becomes an issue of us either continuing on in the grace of God in and through Jesus, or becoming a self-destructive casualty. We need to learn to hold our ground well, in God’s love in Jesus. Committed to the truth that nothing at all in all creation can ever for a moment separate us from God’s love in Jesus. And we go on in that existence, to be victorious together, no matter what we go through, including death itself as humbly more than conquerors, in and through Jesus and for the world.