the gospel is political, but…

The gospel is the proclamation that the crucified, ascended Jesus is Lord. It is a proclamation that puts the powers that be on notice that their days are numbered. That the kingdom of God has come in Jesus, and that the church is at least a sign of that kingdom which ultimately is to fill the earth, when heaven and earth becomes one in King Jesus.  This is and will indeed be a new order, but not in terms of this old world even though to begin with- in this world, anticipating a new world as the new creation in Christ.

The question becomes just how the church is the sign of this kingdom today. And what implications that might have on how we look at political issues of this world. Other theological factors are involved as well in our consideration of this, for sure. As well as philosophical. It is a big subject so that Christians may well be (and are) all over the board when it comes to the politics of the world. Some may be convinced not to participate, but most of us see some participation as important for both our witness and care for the world in which we live.

I have a certain take, conviction and stand as to what we in Jesus ought to do in this day and age now. But I have to acknowledge that there are enough unanswered questions and variables for consideration that it behooves us not to draw tight, fast, bold lines in which we think everyone should live, as if our view is foolproof. Maybe the best question is just how do we live out the kingdom and its sign in the here and now? And especially with reference to the poor and oppressed.

As people of God’s kingdom come in Jesus, we are followers of Jesus. And as such, our orientation will be one of loving our neighbor as ourselves. The question then being, just how we are to live that out in terms of the decisions we make. Again, good Christians will differ. I wish we were dealing with a matter which is clear-cut. I have one inclination, and others think another way. The danger in this is for us in Jesus to be co-opted so as to be taken in by the world, becoming a part of its system. And yet we’re to live for the good of the society in which we live, if we can learn from the prophet Daniel that way, another prophet, Jeremiah, teaching the same.