the fellowship of the broken

Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his book, Life Together, points out how as soon as we want to find the perfect fellowship, we are automatically disqualified from finding it (my paraphrase of the point he makes in many more and interesting words). Don’t even dream of being part of a church fellowship in which no one offends the other and there’s no need for forgiveness, and this ongoing. If you find such a fellowship, it will not be real but nothing more than a facade, or you will have failed to really get into any depths at all.

Those who are married know this especially well. You will have to deal with your brokenness on both ends normally sooner than later. You can do well in this if you accept this as fact, and part and parcel of life. And make amends through confession to each other and dependence on God through Christ for forgiveness as well as light to continue on.

What is especially tragic, but so very much like us broken humans is when we hold grudges, and fail to let go of the past and go on. It surely can take time for hurts to heal, but if one is in any true fellowship or communion with others, one can be sure that they will be wounded here and there along the way. We are wounded and we wound, by the way of course.

And so we need to settle down and avoid the thought that we want to flee from such. If we do that, then we are leaving community to which we are called in Christ. In a true sense we are leaving Christ since we are leaving his body. We need to remember that we are just as broken ourselves and that we need ongoing forgiveness as well. As we realize all of this, God can make us more and more like Jesus, a process which is with others in him.