doing the best you can

There is something to be said within wisdom in this present life for simply doing the best you can and then letting it go at that. Life is provisional, and there are certainly no guarantees. Mistakes of varying kinds are a daily occurrence, and we simply can’t protect ourselves from ill, or even calamity with any degree of certainty and finality. People who do try to do that can’t function well, because what is wanted is not true to the nature of living in this present existence and time.

We should research and learn what we can, consulting the Internet and friends, above all, praying in the process, and then we have to make our decision and let it go at that. Once the decision is made oftentimes there is no way of changing it later, or we can do so only with great difficulty.

What I am referring to as “best” is in the realm of wisdom in this present existence and life in trying to live in what is most fitting in our relationship to God, to our neighbor, and what is helpful for ourselves. To love our neighbor as ourself certainly means we need to love ourselves in a proper, fitting way.

What has to be factored in as the heart of this is what we’re about in Jesus: simply to follow him, come what may. Other factors up to life itself are secondary to that. Not that we’re to be reckless and not care about our lives. Part of seriously following Christ involves trusting completely in our Father’s loving and wise provision and care.

And so we go on, trying to do the best we can, learning in the process, and simply taking one day at a time, and all as a gift, while we set our priority on doing God’s will in Jesus, seeking first the kingdom, and being servants of our Lord and the gospel.