the fragility of life

Yesterday in some respects was a challenging day which in answer to prayer turned out well. But then late in the day, when I was resting on the couch and coming up out of a doze, I again had trouble catching my breath. I could only inhale, not exhale, and I had to try to keep breathing through my nose until the saliva had passed through my windpipe (my layman way of putting this). No fun. I’ve went through this a number of times, and it is scary. Then I thought after perhaps close to a year with no incidents that I was over it, but have had a few (though less than what I used to have) since.

Life is fragile, for sure. We can seem to have a clean bill of health, and hopefully live well within a normal life span, though that too is uncertain. But we are a car accident away, or some physical malfunction from not being able to carry on, perhaps even the end for us here. We can’t count on another day. And although we rightfully write off all the possible end time dates set, the Lord could return any time (according to my understanding). We do well to live in the light of this.

And so, while I would like to come up with some answers which might help me live longer and well here, I want above all to live well in God’s eyes, in relationship to God and to others in and through Jesus by the Spirit. I want to walk the line in terms of God’s will in Jesus. And I want to do so both in community in Jesus and in mission for the world. I want the gospel, or good news of God’s grace and kingdom come in Jesus to be front and center. I want to share that good news as a witness through both my life and words. I want to be a blessing to my lovely, sweet wife, to our daughter and granddaughter, to our neighbors, to my brothers and sisters in Christ at church and elsewhere, to my co-workers in Christ at RBC Ministries, as well as to the poor and those in need.

I am thankful for the many days in which we’re relaxed and with no anticipation of the end, but enjoying good health. But we ever must be aware that even then nothing in terms of this life is certain. The one certainty we can hold on to through it all is that God is faithful in and through Jesus, that we can count on him to see us through. As we look to him to use even these frank reminders of the fragility of life to draw us closer to him.

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