putting one’s house in order

As we get older, we realize that our days are more and more numbered. That life is increasingly tenuous. For some, they have the unfortunate notice from the doctor just how long they have to live, oftentimes in months. King Hezekiah received word that way, but through prayer was given fifteen more years. Interesting, because even fifteen more years is a death notice. Yes, you won’t die now, but your time will be up only a decade and a half from now.

We don’t necessarily have much of a clue as to how long we’ll live. Though when one is approaching any new decade, one knows their life, so to speak, is winding down as to number of years left. I for one, am getting closer to my 60’s. That is rather hard to believe, to say the least. But part of growing in life is to accept well where one is at.

One of my major faults is disorganization. I do have a certain order about things, things I’m doing, and I am rigorous about that. But even if I kept better order at a larger level, it would probably always be a struggle for me to keep that order. I am fond of reading several books at a time, grabbing this or that reference book, having some of those handy, etc. My life is simple in some respects, but in other respects, definitely not, since I fail to keep very good order. Just last night I couldn’t find a card which I want to send off. And I have lost track of two books.

Considering everything, I know I need to begin to put my own house in order. My wife Deb will help me, she is much better at this than I am. But I need to get rid of a good number of books which are no longer of use to me, and I need to get rid of this and that which is no longer needed. And begin to do the things one needs to do to eventually sell a house.

I hope I do all of this with the thought in mind of just what I’m leaving for those who follow. What kind of example and legacy? In my case I can only think in terms of simply praying and loving others, and sharing with others especially in how I live what makes me tick, the witness of my faith in God through Jesus. And doing this in community with others of his followers. My wife is a great and steady helper. And I hope to work at it consistently, a little bit at a time.

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