humbled deeply

What if the one good thing one has to hold on to and sees good in, even fruit from in and through Christ, is taken away or damaged to the point of irreparable loss? A case in which one seems to be not only humbled, but humiliated, at least in one’s own eyes?

I think this can be a time of being humbled deeply in a way which can bring some correction in either ways we’ll never quite understand, along with perhaps some ways in which we will. It is crucial for us when in the depth of experiencing this humbling to hold on to our faith in such a way that we are unmoved from the course to which God has called us. But we need with that an openness to new things, whatever that might be in the way of Jesus.

And it is always key to remember that Christ’s power is made perfect in our weakness. When that strong part of us is touched and disabled– I think of Jacob’s hip touched by the angel of God he was wrestling, so that afterward he walked with a limp.

We don’t naturally like this. We want to hold on to what seems strongest to us. But God’s way is so different. God may want to touch something in our lives in whatever aspect which is not entirely right or helpful for our walk and witness in this life. To learn a new walk and dependence on him.

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