putting two and two together

We are approaching the end of our book of Job study at church, led quite well by a pastoral intern, Jordan, along with our Pastor Jack. It has been my favorite group Bible study ever. The well guided participation has made it most interesting, with an emphasis on keeping us tethered to the text. I take Job to be a wisdom story, brimming over with a wisdom which is challenging to get, even if it’s right before our eyes in the text.

We certainly need the Spirit to give us a revelatory gaze as in illumination as to the meaning of the text of God’s inscripturated word. But that understanding will surely be somehow in terms of God’s voice and will for us. And the answer is not simply in terms of ourselves, but to see the bigger picture, true whether in Job or elsewhere in scripture. Not meaning that at certain points it isn’t narrowed down to one matter, even ourselves, for example our sin. But we are taken through Jesus into something of the entire story of God, finding our part and place in it, in God’s love in him.

And so we’ve come to the end of that great book and we’re trying to put two and two together, and we’re finding it challenging which should be the case if we’re really seriously grappling with the book as it is. We could have all kinds of simple answers to explain the book, and in so doing would essentially explain the book away, since we really would be failing to take all of its content seriously. Even good simple explanations like, “Trust God no matter what happens. He will see you through.” And similar thoughts. But again, that would fail to deal with all the dynamic of what Job experienced, his words along with his friends’ words, and God’s words to him at the end.

God will give us what we are ready and able to receive from him. Of course that preparation and reception is also a work of the Spirit. It is interesting how one can reread a good book years later and get much more out of it, or at least something different. When it comes to working on plumbing the depths of the wisdom found in Job, there is simply no one set answer, though there are surely some good books and commentaries which can help us in terms of all of that.

And so I look forward to our last two times together in Job. Wanting to hear from God what he is saying to me at this time through that book. Even as we continue to prayerfully wrestle through the text.

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