a longing for monastic living

Of course I’d want to be part of a married order, but I’d love to live a monastic existence. I love the rhythms of a set order of life, with all the scripture readings, prayers, songs, and ceremonies. Yes, some incense and partaking of the Lord’s Table daily. And in and out of that rhythm is a life lived both in communion with and for the service of others. For the community, doing common work together, as well as the special tasks to which each one would be called.

That kind of an existence, which continues in many places is rooted in the early monastic movement in which both men and women sought to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly, in spirit and body to God. It is a welcome contrast to so much of at least what is highlighted in Christian history, the wrongs done by the church at times even in the name of the Lord. There were exceptions, such as Francis of Assisi. He preached the gospel in harms away to a sultan. Whether he opposed the crusades entirely is uncertain, and I think doubtful, but that he opposed much if not most all of the violence is likely certain. Unfortunately to this day it is tit for tat: they harm us, we’ll harm them back. What is going on right now in the Central African Republic.

I doubt that any such life will open up to us before we leave this world (my wife and I). And so I would like to live out that kind of existence insofar as I can within a “normal” setting. But actually that is the kind of life in and through Jesus we’re all called to. Yes, rhythms, not to be slavishly followed, but commitment to such is something which can be beneficial for us from the monastics, given the disordered free-for-all, free fall in which we “live.”

Of course it is a choice of the heart, something also in which we grow into. Not isolated necessarily from life as experienced by others. But seeking to live out the calling God has given us in Jesus with each other and for the world. In the love of God in Jesus.

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