to be centered in Jesus

This weekend is the beginning of the most sacred week of the year for Christians (the Orthodox calendar, the same this year): Holy Week. During this week we remember our Lord’s suffering for us, in his crucifixion and death. And what immediately led up to that including The Lord’s Table, or Holy Eucharist. And then the Sunday following we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and victory over sin and death.

Scot McKnight becoming an Anglican, and the extent that liturgy is played out at our church, along with what use I have made of liturgy, especially of the Book of Common Prayer in recent years, has made me think anew on the importance of being centered over and over again on the gospel: the good news of Jesus. This good news to which either all of scripture points, or is moving toward. Somehow finding its fulfillment in that, or more precisely, Jesus somehow fulfilling scripture.

I see great value in liturgy. And maybe liturgical churches are closer to the truth on their understanding of sacrament, then other churches. I may remain a bit of a skeptic or at least an agnostic on some of that simply due to my understanding of what scripture says. What I am a believer in (and my wife with me) is both the power and beauty of a liturgy rooted in scripture and gathering from the best of Christian tradition. And I think engaging all of the senses to help our worship can be helpful, or at least it has seemed that way for me.

And so as we being Holy Week tomorrow with Palm Sunday, let’s think of it in part as an opportunity to become centered in God’s revelation in Jesus. And thus to be forgiven and carried in God’s triumph in him. A victory not just for us, but for the world. As we look forward to the completion of God’s new creation and kingdom come in Jesus.

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