trusting in the Lord

Last evening I was watching what has become my favorite program as of late (in fact, my only program; I don’t as a rule watch television, in fact I can’t remember having one favorite program), Cosmos. This program was both encouraging and astounding. We like to think we have some sort of control, or that life somehow depends on us, at least to some extent. But this program (well worth the watch) is a reminder that so much is really beyond us. How we came into being in the first place, made of star dust along with our wonderful world, earth. Of course we believe all from the hand of God. Just as scientists can tell something, and actually more and more, helping us all see something of the immensity and complexity of it all—what constitutes the material realm, and how it carries on—so by faith we can actually be taken up into something of the Creator’s plans, God’s loving work in and through Jesus.

The Lord wants to lead me personally within community, to be sure. But I need to have something of a grasp on just how little I have a grasp on anything at all. Paradoxically we find strength in weakness, light in darkness, knowledge in our ignorance. What I’m trying to get at is just how much we need to realize that this life—both the big and the small—is really quite beyond us. Instead of thinking that we have something figured out, and we’re expected to corral the matter, and take care of it, we would finally learn some wisdom and apply the same by backing off, and finding something of the Lord’s peace and direction. I speak from experience, although not much in the way of really doing well in this, I’m afraid.

Not that the Lord won’t have something for us to do, or that we won’t have some part in solving a matter, because often we likely will. Although in answer to prayer, we will see solutions we never would have seen otherwise. Part of the answer might be to wait. To back off and not jump to conclusions as to what needs to be done. There is after all so much we don’t know.

And so I want to grow in simple faith, simply trusting the Lord, which means not relying on my own understanding. Knowing he knows and is at work for good. In and through Jesus.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

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