grounded in the word

There is so much that can unsettle us, maybe even causing us to stray, but more likely holding us at bay in our walk and service in our Lord. We certainly need the fellowship of God’s people and we need the ministry of the word and sacrament. And we need to be those who are grounded in God’s word, in holy scripture, day after day reading and meditating on the word.

We have to make getting into the word a priority, in a sense the priority of our day. Of course God directs us through the word, God is authoritative to us through it (as N.T. Wright says here). And then we can be those who become grounded so to speak in the word. Living our lives, growing, and seeing things, immersed in that perspective.

One way or another we need to be in scripture daily and throughout the day. Scripture is alive and it needs to become a living part of who we are so that we are living in and by it. I find my most difficult times come when somehow I am seemingly more or less cut off from it. A big part of that can be the enemy’s lies. And if I lack diligence in staying after it. There seems to be nothing worse for me from a practical standpoint than to be cut off from God’s word, from scripture. I read from the Old Testament, psalms and the New Testament and I keep working through one part of scripture, daily. I try not to get too far removed from it any part of the day. If during some parts I can’t get into it, I’ll recite the Jesus Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, a prayer for mercy, and the prayer asking for the Holy Spirit. Something I try to practice regularly anyhow. Or perhaps meditate on a passage I have memorized such as Psalm 23.

The important thing is we need to go on in the life of God by the Spirit in and through Jesus. Grounded in scripture, God’s holy word.