remaining in prayer

I love the idea of a monastic tradition which mainly labors in prayers. Good liturgy would be needed to keep Jesus Christ and God’s grace and kingdom come in him front and center. Along with our personal and communal response to that. And guidance steeped in wisdom to pray for the world, both generally and specifically. Of course the Lord’s/our Father prayer is always a prayer for us to pray both in recitation and from, as a model for prayer. Along with many prayers from scripture.

The word of God and prayer go together. We need to be much in scripture. And while it is valuable for individuals to pray much, it would be far better for this to be done with other committed individuals in a sort of community setting or practice. For one person to carry the burden of prayer is not only in a way asking too much; it was probably never meant to be. We need to think and act in communal ways. And so we need to get plugged into that which is communal and missional, according to God’s will in Jesus given and made known in the gospel. While we continue on in our own prayers.

Lots of times prayer will come from evident, urgent needs and from one’s own deep sense of need. I personally would like such times to be the exception rather than the rule, but when I look at scripture and particularly the psalms it leaves me wondering if being on the edge in trouble might happen more often than not, at least during certain times or seasons of life. We would like to be praying from rest and peace.

To get into some rhythm daily in community would seem to be the ideal, in my mind. As church for each other and in mission for the world. From God by the Spirit in and through Jesus.