in Christ trumps all

Yesterday there was an especially good post, an apology from Jonathan Storment to Donald Miller with reference to the post Storment did in response to Miller’s post that he rarely goes to church. It is a post worth reading, putting Miller’s problem in context so that I myself can see that if I were in Miller’s shoes, church attendance would be something more, and really something less than what is is supposed to be.

I heard of one big time NFL quarterback who would get to the megachurch just in time for the service, sitting in the back, and would leave either immediately after, or before the end of the service. Otherwise he would have been buried just because of who he was.

In Christ we’re all on the same level. Whether the president of the United States or some floor sweeper in some lowly obscure job or someone homeless who lives in the street. In Christ we are one, one body in him. Stations of life, putting it in today’s terms, positions of power and influence make no difference there, or at least that should be the case in church life.

As Storment notes in his post, churches used to and still can make special efforts to see that this is so. In some ways this might be much easier for a liturgical church. You have your liturgy with a sermon and at or toward the end, the Lord’s Table. But in any church this can and should be practiced. So that the celebrity blends in with everyone else. They have their special place and it may end up being a rather prominent one. I recall President Jimmy Carter regularly teaching Sunday School in his Baptist church. But everyone blends in together. This would be a challenge for any church, as well as for the one who is so marked out, but it is one that we should be willing and committed to carry.

And so at least look at this post, and better yet take a little time to read it.  Pointing us to life in a kingdom in which the first will be last and the last first, and where a little child will lead them.

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