the lose lose of the culture wars

The United States for some decades now has been engaged in what has become known as the culture wars. If I look at the New Testament alone, the foundation Jesus laid and the work that went on from that, I really can’t make heads or tails about what is being said and promoted today by Christians. The failure is on a number of fronts. One of the key problems is the failure to rightly divide or handle accurately the word of truth. We fail to read the Bible in a way that while appreciating the whole understands where we’re at in the story in it. Another key misstep is our failure to keep the gospel front and center. Instead we go off on this and that tangent. And we arguably end up spot wrong on some issues, especially when it is politically heavy. We fail to keep the gospel and proclamation of Christ front and center.

Professing Christians are involved in this war left and right. Both are swallowed up into the vortex and in the end have little or nothing to show for it. Sadly sometimes those Christians who seem to be sidestepping the issues, and seem to be giving society a blank check for morality also seem more Christ-like. So many who are battling this have lost something vital, I’m afraid. How about this? The gentleness and humility of Christ. How about some brokenness over our own sin as well as the sin that is around us? How about a passion for the good news of Christ which plays out in compassion for our world? Instead* we opt to save America, bring America back to God, etc. I think we need to get back to the Bible and specifically the gospels and from that into the rest of the New Testament, while praying that the Lord will show us our place in today’s setting as we seek to live out our calling in Jesus for his sake and the gospel.

*I would have liked to nuance this better in the post. Many who want to “take back America” also have ministries of compassion to those in need. They may be wrong on the culture war front (I think they are), but it’s not like they’re not living for Jesus and the gospel at all.