resting in peace

Life wears on us in more ways than one. We can fill in the blanks here. Not hard.

What we do need to not only come to, but remain in is a demeanor and perhaps we can even say character of resting in peace. Of course I don’t mean the common meaning of that phrase, since I’m referring to the living. This is in terms of learning to rest in the peace God brings in and through Jesus.

Jesus told his disciples during his Last Supper discourse that in this world they will have trouble. But to take heart, since he has overcome the world. It does seem to boil down to either being overcome or overcoming in and through Jesus.

I have those times which are quite trying for one reason or another. I am not talking about the normal everyday trials that come our way, but more in terms of those heavy hitters which threaten to knock us off our feet. Often during such times a sense of God’s peace can come. I need to learn not only how to accept that peace, but to live in it, as well.  Not easy. But we need to hang on to the good that is given to us during such times, ever open for more. As we rest in the peace God gives us in Jesus.

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