at the point of need

I really hesitate, in fact I tend to want to deny any correlation between actual need and the Lord’s will. The error I want to avoid is the common misperceptions which so often accompanies our sense of need. If you approach your own spirituality or that of someone else on the basis of what the felt need is, one could go off into all kinds of dead ends, ways that would not lead to life at all. Of course if we’re looking to the Lord in prayer, and seeking his will, along with bringing such needs to him, then the Lord can answer at the point of our real need, not necessarily at our points of perceived need.

Need here needs some qualification. There are definitely legitimate human needs. In fact most any need someone feels is probably related to such, though because of sin is often distorted. The need for basic necessities of life is of course more than legitimate. Other felt needs, for example the acquisition of this and that, perhaps some hot car or a host of gadgets and toys, a big cushion of money, etc., are another matter.

Yet God seems to meet us humans more often than not at our sense of need. Such sense can come from simply living as a human in this world. In terms of scripture it is a broken world. All kinds of troubles can and will come simply from that. Also a strong sense of need can come from the perception that we are inadequate in ourselves, in fact worse than that– we are actually flawed inside and out. That we simply can’t live up to what we ought to be, that we fail. And a whole host of need can come directly out of that failure, the consequences of our own sin. Not to mention the consequences of the sin of others against us.

It seems to me in seeking to ascertain the will of God, or how God might move or be moving us, that need is a major consideration. Again it is not simply a matter of connecting the dots of need and proceeding accordingly. But God may well make his will known through actual need we see. I’m thinking now of need outside of ourselves. God’s calling and gifting is not in a vacuum, it pertains to his will which is often beyond our understanding of what’s needed, but it will be in terms of actual needs.

We need to be in scripture and especially to consider the centrality and meaning of the gospel as we consider this. As we see it played out in our lives all the time in all kinds of small ways. Coming to understand the point of need as one major factor in understanding what the will of the Lord might be.

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