looking toward the end of the road

This week I saw some pictures back from my days of infancy. That seems long ago now, though it is amazing how fast the years and then decades come and go. Now I’m looking toward the end of the road. I doubt that is influencing that much what I am doing, or about, except that I want to include the thought of preparing as well as I can for the end, and hopefully seeking to glorify the Lord in all things.

One would like to tie up any loose ends as best they can. To right the wrongs one has done. Certainly to do much better the rest of the way. To keep on growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. To do so in the fellowship and mission of the church.

Yes, we surely do well to want to do what we can. But above all, and in all of that we need to do so as those who are immersed and live in the gospel of Christ. There may be much that is true about ourselves and our existence. As varied as we find in the people in the Bible. What is essential is that the gospel of Christ be front and center, and everything in between. In other words that gospel is to speak into all of life, all of our lives as well as the life of the world.


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