love prevailing

Aren’t there times during the course of certain days when we might become ticked off at someone, and perhaps justifiably so? Perhaps they have wronged us in some way, whether it appears big or small.

Of course we need to pray, which in time ought to become a reflex reaction for us, rather than what might be our normal reaction, which likely is not edifying or helpful. And we need to hold ourselves back. Even when given the chance, not to counter or react in any way. What might help us in this way is simply to slow down and be quiet. And last but not least, let some time go by. Maybe even several hours.

It may become evident to us that we may well have overreacted. In a few cases it may be good to ask questions for clarification, but it may end up being the case that we simply let it go, entrusting it to God’s mercy. If we can do this, in the end it may be much easier for love to prevail even among those who may not have an affinity with or liking for each other. But love ought to help us to learn to begin to like someone we may not have liked before, or at least something about them.

This is in large part what our call in Jesus involves in this life. A love which is first and foremost. Truth flourishes only in love. Of course this is the kind of love which wants to hold to the truth. People who are committed to truth as they understand that don’t necessarily love, or love well. We need to learn to love well, above all. Not always easy, to be sure, in fact never so when we sense that somehow we are being wronged.

In the end in Jesus love does prevail. We want to begin to experience that now in Jesus, part of the eternal life we share both in the present and the life to come.