more than a pleasant diversion

There are some good diversions built into life to keep us sane and not transfixed on the troubles which can land us in an abyss of darkness. Not to say we may not struggle with some darkness regardless. But I am thankful for the daily tasks at hand which though may sometimes be tedious and monotonous, are at the same time a good diversion from other things. But the main point of this post is how the faith in Jesus from the spectrum of all of scripture can be a good diversion from the troubles which inevitably come our way and seem to be a part of life. And more than that, actually grounding us well no less than in God and in the faith so that in all of our weakness we can walk through them in the will of God.

In front of me I have at least three major summer projects (more like four), one done, and I’m still amazed that is finished, with the help of a friend and brother in Jesus. I realize I have to take one thing at a time. I don’t have money to throw at everything, so I try to do as much myself as I can, and budget well the rest (my wife excels at that).  Things I frankly would like to avoid all together. Much more yet to come before we move out of this house, I’m afraid.

Scripture and the gospel can help us, as long as we keep at it on a regular basis, really everyday and throughout our days. We need help beyond ourselves, this is not a self-help project for sure. And yet what we do or fail to do can make all the difference in the world in this. And it’s not a matter of only getting certain things into our heads and hopefully into our hearts. But into our hands and feet as well. We are changed over time in the process.

Maybe that’s in part why I’ve imagined I would like a monastic life. Ordered and together with others tackling difficulties that come, but engaged in good works for those in need. And in much prayer. That may be in part why I’m attracted to more liturgy. Though I believe in the “charismatic” side as well. We need to be in scripture and keep Jesus and the good news of God in him front and center.